November 6, 2012

World's Thinnest House: Keret House

To those who thought that o-cha! has been put to sleep, o-cha! is back to life!  

A one-minute update of myself (if anyone's interested actually...) 
I have been busy with moving myself and my life to Tokyo, the ever-super-pulsating heart of Japan. I spent the last few weeks settling down in one of the most vibrant yet stringent countries in Asia. 

I was going to start another blog for just penning down interesting happenings with my time in Tokyo but that would probably be pushed back a little. 

Part of the mess for 2 weeks

So while spending time looking for budget yet not-cheap-looking interiors, I stumbled upon the world's thinnest house, the Keret House by a Polish architect Jakub Szczesny. 

The Keret House that Mr Szczesny built sits snugly in between 2 buildings in Warsaw Poland, is just 4-feet wide. It stretches vertically to 2 storeys and amazingly got a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom fitted in that "gap". 

Entrance stairway

How it looks down from the top

A mini kitchen fitting well into the gap. Prolly even bigger than my mini kitchenette!

And to the bathroom

Where small yet power dreams are built

And here's how it looks like if you do a cross-section cut, or maybe knock down the neighbour's house... 
How it looks like, actually.
Would you mind living in such a space if it is open for lease? 

Source & picture credits: Design Milk 

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