November 25, 2012

Autumn Walks in Japan - Sagamiko, Kanagawa Prefecture

In coming weeks, I would be writing about my little wallet-friendly weekend trips in and out of Tokyo, all for catching the autumn foliage. 

While many Tokyo-ites chose to visit Mt. Takao(高尾山), an hour west away from Tokyo, I decided that maybe Sagamiko (相模湖)would be more humane, in terms of the crowd. 

Just 10 minutes away from Takao by the JR Chuo Local train, I think I made a pretty good decision. :) I would recommend this place for a little cosy family picnic because there's plenty of space and picnic-friendly greens at the Sagamiko park(相模公園). 

How to get there from downtown Tokyo:

At JR Shinjuku (新宿), catch the JR Chuo Special Express/Express Train(中央特快/快速) bound for Takao(高尾).
Alight at Takao, and change to the JR Chuo Local Train (bound for Kofu-甲府) and alight at the next stop, Sagamiko Station(相模湖駅). 

Photos are taken with a Sony NEX-5 and Instagram on Android. 
Photos not to be used without permission. 

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